Offer the best credit education and management tools available today.

CreditXpert products are designed to close more loans and manage your applicants' expectations.

CreditXpert products are ready for you to deliver to your customers immediately -- or to customize with your own branding.

CreditXpert products include the following:

CreditXpert Assure

What your credit score is and what it could be are two different things. CreditAssure™ automatically scans credit files for opportunities to raise credit scores based on accuracy or credit management updates.

Running in the background, scanning all your credit files, and utilizing proven CreditXpert™ optimization and simulation technology, CreditAssure™ automatically presents findings on every file. You don’t need to know anything about credit scoring or spend time scouring credit reports - CreditAssure™ gives the the answers.

Underwriting decisions are based on credit scores, and credit scores are based on credit data. CreditAssure™ can ease the difficult and time consuming process of scrutinizing a credit file for ways to improve the score.

CreditXpert Essentials

CreditXpert Essentials bundles indispensable tools into one unique package, featuring the CreditXpert Credit Wizard and the CreditXpert Credit Score and Analysis.

The CreditXpert Credit Wizard advises applicants on the best actions that they can take to improve and truly maximize their credit rating, exploring thousands of actions to recommend only those best suited to improve a consumer's credit data. The CreditXpert Credit Wizard indicates the best credit score available to each consumer and provides the actions necessary to achieve that score. The CreditXpert Credit Analysis translates the jargon of credit data into straightforward and understandable terms by explaining to consumers their own unique credit data and factors influencing it. The CreditXpert Credit Score provides a reference point for consumers to see how their credit changes over time and how different actions impact their buying power. It is the only credit score designed specifically for consumers.

CreditXpert Essentials Advisor View

The CreditXpert Essentials Advisor View provides a quick and easy way to identify each applicant's potential score improvement and the specific actions necessary, including how much case is needed.

CreditXpert Essentials Applicant View

The CreditXpert Essentials Applicant View helps you communicate and build better relationships by providing easy-to-understand explanations about each applicant's credit standing, including the critical factors impacting their credit.

CreditXpert What-If Simulator

The CreditXpert What-If Simulator allows users to simulate the results of actions before taking them, so they can understand and test the impact that actions will have on credit scores.

Users select pre-defined scenarios (such as, increasing or decreasing balances, opening or closing accounts, transferring balances, etc.) or customize a scenarios to experiment on specific accounts. By exploring scenarios, consumers can learn if the actions are good or bad for their credit.

CreditXpert 3-Bureau Comparison

The CreditXpert 3-Bureau Comparison identifies the credit score as well as the differences and similarities in credit data at each of the three national credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). By comparing credit report data, consumers can discover and understand the impact of unique data at different bureaus on their creditworthiness. By analyzing the positive and negative factors influencing a consumer's score at each bureau, consumers can learn how to establish the best score at each bureau to maximize their creditworthiness.